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Legal advisors of Legal Advisor's Office specialize principal in legal services for economic entities in the Silesian region, including partnerships and companies of commercial law, both with Polish and foreign capital, as well as for natural persons with business interests in Poland.

Legal Advisor's Office cooperates with the social and charitable institutions (Foundations, Associations), providing service free of charge.

Office has excellent facilities required for the above (legal acts, jurisdiction, professional library, software and hardware).

Office actively cooperates with other legal advisors and legal offices in order to provide clients with complete legal services.

The legal services provided by Office are on the highest level of quality.

Office's clients are companies of commercial law, both Polish and foreign (including companies with mixed capital), as well as natural persons with business interests in Poland.

Office renders permanent legal services for economic entities as well as operational services connected with specific economic enterprises.

Office legal advisors support client directed negotiations or contact on their behalf, including negotiations regarding trade contracts or international investment enterprises.

Office represents clients at all levels of legal and administrative proceedings, during negotiations with government and autonomy agencies, and also with international organizations.

Additional services are offered by the Office to the non-governmental institutions (foundations, associations, healthcare institutions). Per client's request Office will provide - under the confidentiality conditions - list of economic entities using complex legal service offered by the Office as well as the list of past and present clients, who hired Office to provide legal service in the particular cases.

Our clients are the companies from many branches: financial, insurance, motor industry, IT, security services and more.

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