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For legal service provided Office will obtain remuneration established each time by both parties, based on VAT invoice. Payment should be done in cash or via bank transfer to Office's account.

The most common way of the settling the accounts with the clients is remuneration established as monthly lump sum or as hourly rate. It is possible to agree both ways simultaneously.

Payment for cases which involve Representation of client regarding lawsuits will be negotiated separately for each case. The common rule of the Office is not to charge client for the lost court case, only for the court payments.

There will be a separated agreement established for the remuneration in cases of the significant financial benefits gained for client by Office as well as for the service requiring additional efforts, beyond the scope of ongoing legal advises and consultations (e.g. long lasting negotiations of international contracts).

Any other costs incurred by Office during fulfilling the agreement (business trips, hotels etc.) will be reimbursed by client to Office, based on the separate invoice.

There is goods and services tax VAT at an appropriate amount calculated to all Office dues.

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