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Office's legal advisors provide service mainly for the economic entities and due to that Office renders services primarily for business entities in the following legal areas:

  • Legal regulations regarding economic activity, including joint ventures and foreign entities
  • Commercial law
  • Civil law - factual law and obligations
  • Currency and banking law
  • Copyright law and related law
  • Protection of the competition
  • Administrative law, including legal regulations regarding capital expenditiures, land management and expropriations
Other services offered are:
  • Environmental protection law
  • Regulations regarding security services
  • Foundations and associations legal aspects
  • Regulations related to healthcare institutions

Specific legal services provided by Office are:

  • Legal opinions on ongoing client's legal matters
  • Representation of client regarding lawsuits before common courts of law and the Supreme Administrative Court, based on granted powers of attorney
  • Condcting registered issues for economic entities
  • Legal advise for client's authorities as well as legal service of meeting and maintaining proper documentation
  • Providing ongoing legal consultations and opinions
  • Representing client before the government and self-government authorities
  • Participation in negotiations, signing contracts, documents and applications
  • Cooperation with client's accounting department and/or with entities providing tax services to the client
  • Participation - together with client or acting on behalf of client's in contract negotiations or other related matters

Activities within the range of service provided by Office are performed according to the current needs and agreement between the parties at client's office or at Legal Advisor's Office, or at place, where client runs business, negotiations etc. The general rule is that the current and temporary legal service is provided at the client's office, and the conceptual activities - at Legal Advisor's Office.

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